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Cabinet of Experts and viager solutions founded nearly 60 years ago by Maître Jacques Daubry, instigator of numerous initiatives in the viager sector, including the creation of the Daubry Viager scale

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Cabinet d'Experts et solutions viagères fondé il y a près de 60 ans par Maître Jacques Daubry, instigateur de nombreuse initiatives dans le domaine du Viager dont la création du Barème Viager Daubry

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What is viager ?

“Good process exchange between Sellers and Buyers”

The term viager owes its origin to the word viage meaning ‘duration of life’ in old French. The expression indicates the lack of certainty, the unpredictable nature of its length.

This is precisely the essential characteristic of a sale en viager – it is an aleatory contract in the legal sense of the term (article 1964 of the Civil Code).

Advantages of viager :

  • the Seller, known as the Crédirentier, to secure a return on one or several possessions by creating an additional tax efficient pension guaranteed for life.
  • the Buyer, known as the Débirentier, to build up a trouble free property holding,

Our firm, expert in viager since 1964

Our firm was founded in 1964 by Mr Jacques Daubry, instigator of many initiatives in the field of life.

He was the creator of the ANDIRV (National Association for the Defense of the Interests of Rentiers Viagers) and in 1995, he created the "Barème viager Daubry" a reference for all the professionnals.

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