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Forward buying

This type of sale, often used by young buyers, is a kind of ‘Seller credit’. As with the viager, the Seller may occupy the property for life for a period determined in advance or vacate it on the day the act of sale is signed. The occupancy price reduction depends on the period chosen at the outset or on the life expectancy of the Seller/s if occupancy is for life.

The ‘occupied price’ is then broken down into an initial payment due on the day the authenticated deed of sale is signed and monthly payments ending on a fixed date.

Differences versus the viager :

  • The monthly payments are tax free
  • They continue until the expiry date even in the event of the seller’s death (to the account of the beneficiaries)
  • They are index linked, in general, to the cost of construction

As with the viager, if the Seller retains customary and dwelling rights, it is advisable to make provision in the authenticated deed of sale for a detailed breakdown of costs and works, and for the possible relinquishment by the Seller of these customary and dwelling rights to the benefit of the Buyer in exchange for financial compensation.

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