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Our founder, Maître Jacques DAUBRY, is the creator of the benchmark viager scale and initiator of the tax deductions.



Sell ​​your prestigious property in life annuity have you thought about it?

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Viager Occupé
Maison/villa 5 rooms - 120m²
Clamart - 92140
Annuity: 2 050€
Bouquet: 299 000€
  76 years
Nue Propriété
Maison/villa 4 rooms - 220m²
  80 years
Bouquet: 314 000€
Viager Occupé
Appartement 1 rooms - 36m²
PARIS 15EME - 75015
Annuity: 1 400€
Bouquet: 160 000€
  77 years
Nue Propriété
Appartement 2 rooms - 57m²
  82 years
Bouquet: 256 000€


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What is viager ?

It is an exchange of good process!

In life annuity or sale on credit, our cabinet puts all its experience in contribution, to return to the life annuity its first vocation: Allow one or several old persons to take advantage of living them, of supplementary incomes A LIFE, got by the sale of their good, while allowing another person to make a good investment " in the stone ".

Selling or buying a property in viager: an idea full of advantages.

The advisers of Viager Europe accompany you in the many choices you will have to make for the realization of your project, from the calculation to the signing of the contract. All types of contract are indeed possible: life annuity occupied, free, with limited occupation, with limited payment, life annuity without annuity, etc. Our website offers you a very large selection of life announcements that can meet your direct expectations. They are classified by region, accessible by an internal search engine to facilitate online consultation and illustrated with photos to present each property.

Our firm, expert in viager since 1964

Cabinet Viager Europe was founded in 1964 by Mr. Jacques Daubry, instigator of numerous initiatives in the field of life annuity, including the creation of the Association Nationale pour la Défense des Intérêts des Rentiers Viagers (A.N.D.I.R.V.).

He is also the author of the famous "Barème Viager Daubry" calculation document, a reference in the field since 1995. For 50 years, we have supported buyers and sellers in the negotiation and management of life sales throughout France.

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