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Profit now the fruit of your work

  • Keep the use of its housing during his lifetime, without changing its habits.
  • Obtain an immediate liquidity (Bouquet).
  • Ensure additional revenue, secured and adjusted annually.
  • Protect his spouse by a reversible without reducing pension to a surviving spouse.
  • Take advantage of a tax attractive, with a deduction of up to 70%.
  • To reduce its costs, land tax and major work being borne by I'acquéreur.
  • Organize his succession, avoiding rights (up 60%), transmitting the bouquet, for example.

Testimonials ...

Claudine and Pierre had children from previous mariage. Their priority today: to preserve the good understanding between them when it is question of succession. "Our greatestpride is to avoirréussi to form a family together with our respective children ... Not about spoiling it with stories of inheritance! The life we can manage our estate by carrying out our commitment to fairness. All children have welcomed our decision. "

Beatrice and Daniel have increased their income, enjoy their retirement and may even offer beautiful trips. "The transition to retirement, we were penalized: full-time, full of plans, but less money ... By putting the house in life, we have our standard of living. More hesitation for dining out or movies ... We are even left in Venice, in the footstepsof our twenty-five years! We really feel like life before us. "

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